Content Marketing

Content marketing is a modern form of digital marketing that has become a very important part of an effective search engine optimization strategy in recent times. This has become even more apparent since Google’s Fred update in 2017. This major modern algorithm update negatively affects sites that have low-value content. On the other hand, Fred will reward your site for having plenty of valuable and unique content. Some studies have shown that some low-quality content sites have seen a drop in traffic of up to 90%. Other areas that it affects sites are if they have an abundance of ads present, low-quality content, not being mobile-friendly, having duplicate wording, and deceptive adverts that trick people into clicking them. You will know that your website has been affected if you have seen a drastic reduction in rankings from the middle of March 2017.

Global Marketing is one of the very few digital marketing companies in the USA to have in-house SEO content marketing experts. We understand that natural link building compliments the quality text. Our team of professional scriptwriters can bulk up your page wording, create informative blog posts and produce video content related to your products and services. By integrating this into our SEO strategy, we can achieve amazing results for our clients!